January 22, 2014

Benefits Of Ceramic Tiles


Ceramic tiles are a great economic choice for light-traffic areas in your home.

When buying ceramic tiles, you’ll notice variations in colour and size. This is part of the manufacturing process, and adds a natural, earthy effect to your décor.

Ceramic tiles are fire-resistant. Unlike other floor and wall-coverings, they do not burn, give off smoke or toxic fumes.

And, if you can’t stand doing the housework, ceramic tiles are easy to clean. All you need to do is vacuum, sweep or wipe them down regularly.

Ceramic tiles can be made slip-resistant by adding a textured surface or abrasive grit to the glaze.

Ceramic tiles are some of the easiest tiles to install. Although we always recommend hiring a professional tiler, ceramic tiles can be installed by an experienced DIYer.

If you’re considering porcelain or ceramic tiles for your home, why not come in and talk to the Europica team? We can advise on the best tile to suit your needs.