Enjoy the traditional beauty and aesthetics of a wooden floor in your home or office. At Europica we will help you to choose the right product from our extensive range.

Oil Finished Engineered Wood Floors

Europica offers an option unique to New Zealand in the prefinished wooden floor market. Importing an unfinished European Oak engineered flooring board in three grades, the flooring is prefinished in our factory with Overmat, Floorservice® oils imported from Holland. A standard range of fourteen colours is available but other options are possible. Each order is custom made in the colour, quantity and grade of timber required by the customer. This means minimum delay in delivery and a backup service of matching coloured oils and maintenance systems. Matching oils for repairs and for coating accessories are readily available.

Why Oiled Floors?

Oil is fast becoming the preferred option for floor finishes. A polyurethane finish simply sits on top of a board forming a film layer. Oil enhances the natural beauty and durable nature of wood by penetrating the grain and hardening the wood fibres. As the floor is maintained it continues to be nourished and enhanced as it ages. All wooden floors will dent, scratch and receive damage over time. One of the benefits of an oiled floor is that there is no need to sand before any repairs. This eliminates dust and disruption. Floor Service hard wax oils are very low in dangerous VOC’s and being vegetable based are completely safe. They are easy to handle and apply.

One of the biggest advantages of oiled flooring is that it is very repairable. Scratches and damage on Europica Oiled Floors can easily be camouflaged by spot repairs. Coloured oil can be blended back into the area lessening the visible damage often to the point of being completely covered.

New Zealand has one of the harshest UV light fading environments. One of the features of coloured oils is that when diluted with maintenance oils you can blend back faded areas as many times as

Wood expands and contracts seasonally. A floor coated with polyurethane can sometimes crack along the board joins. Since oil penetrates the fibres of the board it becomes part of the board and
moves with it. This eliminates joint cracking. bg-tile-stone

Colour of choice

There are several colours in the European range varying from dark to light. Our colours have been chosen by our interior designers and are proving very popular with current carpet and general décor tonings. The colour range will be continuously reviewed to keep up with the trends.

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Timber grade of choice

Oak is the world renowned best blank canvas for accepting stains and oils of all types. It must be remembered however that no two pieces of timber are the same. Not only will there be variation in grain but also in colour from light to dark. The tannins in Oak timber also react with any stain or oil applied. As there may be a variance in tannins even within the same board, colours will differ. This however is one of the beautiful features of a wooden floor. It is a natural living product. No two boards are the same and every floor takes on its own character. The floor needs to be looked at as a whole where tonings blend. Once furniture, mats etc are inplace the floor becomes a smaller but vital part of a complete environment.


French Oak Treffert Lacquer

Rustic charm meets modern styling, with colours to compliment any decor. Featuring a suite of distinctive colours as well as sophisticated wire brushing and scraping techniques; old growth French Oak logs have never looked this good.This stunning range of French Oak Floors comes in 190mm, 220mm, 260mm and 300mm board width combined with a 6mm solid oak top layer, our range offers superior wear and stain resistance adding unparalleled style and character to your home. This range has been created by Innovators in the flooring industry and only the best suppliers of sustainable European oak have been selected by Europica to offer this outstanding engineered floor backed
by a 25 year domestic structural warranty. The French Oak flooring also features an 8 coat Treffert lacquer offering the best scratch-resistant coating system for flooring on the market today, meaning your French Oak floor stays looking like new for longer. Also backed with a 25 year domestic coating warranty giving you peace of mind for years to come.

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Europica is proud of it’s Laminate Flooring range, designed and manufactured in Germany. The range is extensive and features the Wiparquet® and Extravagant Collections. All Laminates use the CLASSEN® Megaloc system which is the fastest and easiest laying system in the world.
Laying your Laminate flooring is child’s play with this new generation laying system. Megaloc is a patented, glue free laying system that is simple, quick and easy to install without the use of any special tools or adhesives.Try CLASSEN® Megaloc. You will realize that floor laying can be easy and fun!


Laminate Flooring


Laminate Flooring

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