We believe in doing the job once and doing it right.
Here’s why you should consider using us for your project:

Industry Best Practice

Find peace of mind when you are dealing with experienced qualified trades people. Europica is a member of the Canterbury Master Tilers
Association (CMPTA) and Australasian Timber Flooring
Association (ATFA) we have access to the latest industry standards, technical expertise, business advice, recognition, and training. As members, we are bound by a professional code of conduct and are scrutinised prior to our approval in becoming association members.
We are committed to maintaining the highest standards in our trade, so you receive the best quality and service on your project.
These high standards reflect the investment you are making.


We would be lying if we said we never have problems, but if we do, and it is the result of something we have done or not done, we will put it right at no cost to you. If we are supplying the finishes from our own range we can take full responsibility for the project. This ensures that the job runs smoothly. Not enough stock, different batches are all examples of things that can cause problems. We can eliminate this by taking responsibility of both sides of the installation process.


We know communication is the key to a successful job. We pride
ourselves in keeping you up to date every step of the way. From the selections and conversation had in our showroom to the installation of tiles and timber, we ensure that those conversations make their way to the project site and your expectations are achieved every time. This is critical step to ensure nothing turns into Chinese whispers. We make every effort to ensure you get the result that you wanted at the outset. No surprises.


We Only Use The Best Materials

In our trade, cheap is not always best and it’s what you don’t see that is most important. Europica has selected two Internationally Recognised Adhesive Brands meeting our harsh NZ conditions and the demanding BRANZ standards. Mapei and Ardex – Why you ask? Jobs in the building industry are often won or lost on price not value. To remove cost you have to cut corners or use cheaper products. Performance is critical, especially when unique styles and finishes that you see in our showroom are being used. With a flood of cheap imported material coming into our country (that is not fit for purpose and does not go through rigorous testing standards) the risk to you and I is too great. At Europica we simply will not settle for second best. Both Ardex and Mapei have local experts that know and understand the New Zealand market and more importantly they stand behind their systems. This gives us all another level of protection. No Cowboys here!

Project Management

We manage the whole project from start to finish, whether you are a
builder, project manager or homeowner. At our prestart meeting, we have all finishes being used laid out for inspection and reconfirmation of layout. Our team are all there from our interior designer, project manager and installer, together with your team to ensure everyone is on the same page. You will know what goes where, how and when. We will confirm all the minor details to avoid no unforeseen issues that may impede the end

Quality Control & Workmanship Guarantee

We guarantee that the work is carried out to a standard of excellence and best practice. When the job is nearing completion we walk the job to confirm everything is up to our high standard and rectify anything that is not. When we are confident our high standard has been achieved we will pass the job over to you as completed.
In addition to this, we provide a Guarantee against workmanship defects for up to 3 years*. Again this ensures we achieve our required high standard and gives you peace of mind that the work carried out will stand the test of time.
Whatever your job we hope you select us and I looking forward to being part ot the success of your project.

*terms and conditions apply