December 17, 2014

How To Choose Tile Colours


Choosing tile colours is an essential part of creating the right atmosphere in your kitchen, laundry, bathroom or outdoor area. Tiles add colour, texture, patterns and shapes – so you need to look at the rest of the room before deciding what exactly is needed. Tiles aren’t normally the focus, but they can complement other design elements, or provide a subtle contrast to bring other colours out even more. With so many different options, it’s important you make the right choice to suit the tone of your room and home in general.


Points to consider when choosing tile colours include:

  • Do you want to draw more focus to the tiles? There are many applications for tiles including backsplash, counter tops and wall tiles where the you may want to make them a focal point of the room. In these cases, bright and detailed patterns can be a good choice. If they’re going to be part of the floor, you may not wish to draw as much attention to them.
  • Consider contrast vs. complementary. If you want your room to be vibrant and energised, opposite colours on the colour wheel will create a brighter, bolder feel. This is ideal in kitchen areas where you want to entertain. For rooms like bathrooms where you want to relax, colours that are closer together on the colour wheel are better.
  • Consider the size of the room. Light coloured floor tiles will make a room seem wider and airier, while dark coloured floor tiles will make a room seem smaller and more intimate. Think about the size of the room and what kind of feeling you wish to achieve in it.

Tile colour can make a huge difference to the feel and focus of a room, and don’t forget to choose the correct grout colour as well for a truly complementary finish.