May 9, 2014

Tile Installation


One of the wonderful features of tiles is that they can last a lifetime… and beyond. But selecting the right tile is only part of the process. Careful and correct installation is key to longevity.

You could install the tiles yourself, but that can be more trouble than it’s worth. You’ll have to navigate the new building regulations by yourself, and without an expert on hand, it’s easy to forget a step or measure wrong. Mistakes in the installation stage can cost you hundreds or leave you with a less-than-perfect finish.

Plus, have you ever laid tiles before? Laying tiles can be an experience in excruciating boredom. Wouldn’t you rather do something else with your spare time?

At Europica Tiles, we are passionate about our trade. Our work appears in numerous award-winning commercial and residential projects in Canterbury and Central Otago. Whether your job is a small domestic bathroom or a cavernous hotel foyer, we’ll make sure it’s completed to the highest standard.

All our tilers are trade certified, licensed building practitioners, and are members of the Canterbury Master Plasters and Tilers Association.

By using Europica’s installation service you know you’re getting a quality job that will last for decades.